Monoslideshow, for web professionals

The ultra customizable HTML5 image and video slideshow

Advanced and adaptable

High quality photo transitions

Monoslideshow uses the latest browser technologies to deliver smooth cinematic effects.

Responsive, fits every design

Monoslideshow can be used in every size you like. It's suitable for desktops, tablets and phones.

Smart group layouting

Monoslideshow can display multiple images on one slide. It automatically finds the most optimal layout.

Works in all desktop browsers

Monoslideshow works in all major browsers.
Whenever a transition feature is not available (WebGL for example), Monoslideshow gracefully degrades to a less advanced alternative.

Even in Mobile Safari

Monoslideshow has been built from the ground up with mobile devices in mind.
Both iOS tablets and phones are supported.
(And Android will be supported in the future)

Technical specifications

Monoslideshow is a single Javascript file and does not depend on jQuery or other libraries. It's only 64Kb when GZipped. It supports images and videos, in as many albums as you like. Monoslideshow reads its contents from an XML file, which contains references to all your visuals. The XML file also contains the design specifications.

Feature detection

Monoslideshow makes use of the latest web technologies. But each browser has different capabilities. That's why Monoslideshow looks at the capabilities of the browser it's running in, and automatically adapts to those. You can even specify a fallback list of transition types. Here's an overview of browser support for the technologies used by Monoslideshow: